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Gainesville, Texas

Image By: Pam Powell


Point Park, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Image by: Pam Powell




Stones River NB, Tennessee

Image by: C Powell




Lee and Gordon's Mill, Georgia

Image by: C Powell



Capitol Grounds, Austin, Texas 

Image by: Pam Powell



Monument erected by:

Daughters of the Confederacy

Dallas Chapter No. 6

June 25th 1896.

(Other Side) This stone shall crumble into dust ere the deathless devotion of Southern women be forgotten.

Dallas, Texas.

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Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis on the Monument.



Barton Warren Stone (1817-1881)

Dallas CO, Texas

Image by: Pam Powell



At the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, Kentucky

Image by: Diane  Gille



Carnton House, Franklin, Tennessee

Image by: Diane Gille



Stone Mountain, Georgia

Image by: Diane Gille



Fort Point, San Francisco, CA

Image by: Diane Gille